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Using a computer screen, visitors can 'try on' the attire of the Heian Period and take photographs with scenes related to The Tale of Genji. This has been extremely popular with both children and adults. The photographs can be printed out and taken home as a wonderful souvenir of the visit to the museum.
Note: Printouts of photographs require payment.
There are also Tale of Genji quizzes and games that can be enjoyed via touch-panel technology.
The library boasts a collection of over 3,000 publications on The Tale of Genji that can be viewed in the library. There are also a number of DVDs available, including "Period Recording of The Tale of Genji" and "Reproduction of the Rokujo Estate."

DVDs in the collection
"Period Recording of The Tale of Genji-Hashi-Hime" (5 min./30 min.)
We wonder how Murasaki Shikibu would have read The Tale of Genji aloud.
This is an oral reading of "Hashi-Hime" from The Tale of Genji in the style probably used in the period it was written, based on research on pronunciation and dialects of the Heian Period.
"A Model Reproduction of the Rokujo Estate-Reflecting the Elegance of Heian" (15 min.)
The video presents an introduction to the design, production and installation of the Rokujo Estate model (a collection of the museum). All pieces of the model were created at a scale of 1:100.
The museum holds courses and lectures given by specialists on a number of topics, such as The Tale of Genji and the culture of the Heian Period.
The museum's Cafe Lounge is a welcome sight for any visitors who may want to rest their feet and enjoy a view of the quiet Japanese garden. In addition to coffee and Japanese green tea, the lounge serves a selection of Japanese sweets named after characters in The Tale of Genji.
The museum shop offers a wide selection of items related and dedicated to The Tale of Genji, including books, incense, sweets and miscellaneous goods. It is the perfect place to find a souvenir of your visit to our museum.